Winery "Matilde"

The winery offers wine and vermouth tasting, which are made from Latvian berries, fruit and flowers. Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the color, scent and taste of Latvian berries and fruits wine.

Tasting in this winery is based on human senses:

  • while enjoying the color of wine;
  • while searching for scent nuances and trying to guess the ingredients.
  • searching for the common and different nuances of the taste of wine and vermouth.

Price: Eur 5.00 from a person.

For wedding and small groups we offer:

  • wine and chocolate flavor compatibility search (up to 16 people). Price: 8 Eur per person.
  • Wine Laboratory (up to 8 people). Price: starting from 8 Eur per person (depends on the chosen snacks).

Prior application!

Address: Kocēni Municipality, „Bilderi”, Kocēni Parish

Phone: +371 26457057


GPS: 57.4838387, 25.3627676

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