Bee Farm "Medus kāre"

Story about bees, their life and world. Movies about bees life and honey will let you take a glimpse in completely different world which is so important for everyone.

It will be worth looking at the apiculture product pre-treatment process. There are also tastings available at the farm, consuming the diversity of Latvian honey, as well as the opportunity to pour your wax candle. Picnic and tent spaces are available. Excursions throughout the year.

Prior application!

Length of an excursion : 1,5h - 2h

Language: LV, ENG, RU


  • Adults - EUR 4,50
  • Pensioners - EUR 4,00
  • Students - EUR 3,50

*Excursion for group leaders, teachers and bus drivers free of charge.

Address: Kocēni Municipality, Zvirgzdi, Vaidava Parish (1 km from Rubene Village)

Phone: +371 28341533


GPS: 57.4633321, 25.2450309