Rubene Evangelical Lutheran church

Rubene christian church traditions dates back to 1208. The church in its current looks was built in 1739 but it includes the altar of the old church (14th century). In 2000, while changing the altar floor, tombs were discovered. Most likely they belonged to old Baltic Germans nobility - Patkuļi family- who at that time were owners of Vaidava, Ķieģeļu, Podzēnu un Vecate Manors.

Address: Kocēni Municipality, Kocēni Parish, Rubene

GPS: 57.4682715,25.2662334


Pastor of the Rubene Evangelical Lutheran church Artis Eglītis (phone - 26407248, e-mail:

Head of the Rubene Evangelical Lutheran church Andrejs Caps (phone - 26353931, e-mail-

Book a tour - Elīna Cape (phone- 27888817)