Gauja River. From Valmiera to Līgatne (~62km)

The beautiful riverside with sandstone outcrops, river flow what makes ride suitable for widest tourist interest, ancient water tourism traditions, as well as the status of the territory of the National Park are the main attractions of travelers.

In this route, the river flows through the Gauja River valley, one of the most impressive forms of the Baltic terrain, however,its dimensions are not compleatly perceptible, because landscape views are covered by coastal vegetation and forest.

The most dangerous part of the route is the Ķūķu rapids. Although they are not technically sophisticated, every year there is few overturned boats. The largest fall of the river is from the mouth of Amata River to Līgatne, therefor, many riders choose to ride only the Cēsis- Līgatne section.

Briede (~13,7 km)

Briede (also Līdace, Lielupe) is a river in Burtnieki, Kocēni and Pārgauja Municipalities. It begins in very swampy area near Kuņņu hill in Umurga Parish. River crosses several swamps, of which the biggest one is Žažēni swamp near Zilaiskalns. The river enters the southern end of Lake Burtnieki.