Geocaching in Kocēni Municipality

What is geocache?

Geocache is a treasure hunting game in real life using GPS coordinates. Participants go to a specific location based on the GPS coordinates, and then try to find the hidden container that is hidden in that particular location.

What should/shouldn’t be done?

If a geocacher (a person looking for a geocache) finds a container and takes something out of it (some small souvenir or something else), then the person must replace the object with other object of the same or greater value. After finding a geocache and registering it, geocache must be returned to the same location. The container should not be damaged. The geocache must not be moved without the message of the original creator of the particular geocache.

What should be done when you find a geocache?

You have to register your find in log book and official geocache site ( You also have to register on this site to start the geocache game.